Giving Back

I had my first display of my handmade goods at a Christmas craft fair organised by the NSPCC where we donated a portion of the revenue we received t o them. We seek to continue to do so and our chosen charity is Lord’s Taverners because they seek to improve the prospects of disabled children and young people coming from a deprived background through cricket. They work to improve their mental well being and help the children that they interact with to reach their highest potential. Their work is not limited to children in the U.K. but extends all over the world where they use cricket to not only promote the game but to bring communities together. They made a donation of 3,500 kg of cricket kit to Cricket Brasil and that story can be found here. They are a charity that makes a real difference at the grass roots level to people who need it the most and their work will be even more important because Covid19 has had a serious impact on those having problems with their mental health and children from impoverished backgrounds.

My husband and I believe that sport and cricket in particular has the power to unite people and break down all boundaries no matter whether the game is played on a cricket ground, indoors or on the table. We will be donating a part of our profits to Lord’s Taverners and will be giving a bigger portion for all personalized commissions that are cricket themed.

I am committed to support small businesses in the U.K. especially those that create handmade products. I use glass or ceramic pots to mix the glue that I use and any remaining paint is stored in plastic containers which is thoroughly cleaned and reused rather than having them disposed. Every life in this precious world we live in is important and each and everyone of us has to do whatever we can to preserve it.

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